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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  February 18, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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what administration critics, including senators john mccain and lindsey graham have been calling for for some time. in addition, the obama administration agreed for the first time to the widespread sale of armed drones to american allies fighting isis and other terror groups. allies like france italy, turkey have been clamoring for the controversial weapons which have become a cornerstone of the u.s. counter terrorism strategy. ayman mohyeldin joins us with the latest developments. let's go through the line. first off, some of the territory that isis is attempting to acquire in addition to iraqi officials saying 48 others captured by isis burned to death. >> it shows you how isis is capable of fighting multiple fronts, in the south or southwest part of iraq territory they controlal-baghdadi. we heard that they're combat or noncombat troops the u.s. are just there to be advisers supporters. gives you a sense of the danger they're in. they're a short mile or two from where the isis fighters are
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trying to overtakal baghdad ee. they're trying to take over the entire area. not only there, they're also fighting in the north against kurdish fighters. it is raising questions about efficiency and effectiveness of coalition air strikes. >> now we are at a point as i mentioned, nbc news confirming the u.s. will provide equipment and training for moderate syrian rebels. what will that mean? >> the u.s. hopes to get syrian rebels on the ground to fight isis and the syrian government. the u.s. is not going to put ground troops there. there are very few allies the u.s. has that can fight on the ground, including iraqi government and military which is struggling now, kurdish forces doing well but need a lot of help from the united states. the u.s. is trying to create one more front where syrian moderate rebels can fight isis. >> why now, ayman. this has been debated for some time. senators john mccain, lindsey graham have been calling for
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this for awhile. >> i would also say this is not particularly new, the u.s. has been supporting moderate rebels with all kinds of weapons, not necessarily lethal. we heard from countries like saudi arabia and jordan they're going to train syrian rebel fighters. now that the u.s. is providing direct support, i think it is coming to the point the united states says look, we didn't want to get involved in syria but we now have to get some people on the ground to fight isis. air strikes alone are not going to be enough. we have to get boots on the ground. these are the closest things to boots in syria. >> last headline drones the u.s. was only selling drones to britain, now they plan to expand. >> it has been weapon of choice of the u.s. in counter terrorism, the united states is giving or selling weapons to these countries perhaps to try to help them in their own counter terrorism efforts. a lot of that will raise questions once again that the united states is already feeling and coming under criticism for. who and when are the drones going to be used. there's no international guidelines for it.
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and as we have seen in places like yemen where the u.s. carries out air strikes rather frequently collateral damage sometimes of drone strikes is a major problem, and a lot of questions surround legality and use of drones. it is going to be one debated for some time. >> ayman, thank you for joining us. amid those developments in a few hours, president obama will address the white house summit that began yesterday on countering violent extremism around the world. representatives from over 60 nations have gathered at the white house, and in an op-ed in the "los angeles times" the president gives a preview. groups like al qaeda and isil exploit the anger that festers when people feel that injustice and corruption leave them with no chance of improving their lives. the world has to offer today's youth something better. the president went on to say we know military force alone cannot solve this problem, a point echoed by state department spokesperson on "hardball." >> we cannot win this war by
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killing them cannot kill our way out of this war. we need in medium and longer term to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups, whether it is lack of opportunity for jobs. >> we are not going to be able to stop that in our lifetime or 50 life times, there's always going to be poor people poor muslims. as long as there are poor muslims, the trump is blown. we can't stop that. >> we can work with countries to improve their governance help them build their economy to have job opportunities for these people. >> white house correspondent kristin welker joins us. a lot of people would agree with the question that chris matthews posed there that some of the issues seem to be things beyond any government's control. >> reporter: absolutely. having said that tamron the white house argues that the way to get at the problem, the crisis of violent extremism, is to attack it at its roots, that that will take a broad international coalition. that's the message we expect to
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hear from president obama a little later on today, he is going to highlight programs that already exist in three cities los angeles, minneapolis, and boston. those programs target so-called vulnerable communities, young people who might be inclined to join a fringe group, a terrorist group like isis. let's take a look at what president obama had to say in the op-ed yesterday, tamron because he expands on that point. he says quote, we know from experience the best way to protect people especially young people from falling into the grip of violent extremists is the support of their family friends, teachers and faith leaders. at this week's summit community leaders from los angeles, minneapolis, and boston will highlight innovative partnerships in their cities that are helping empower communities to protect their loved ones from extremist ideologies. this is a three day summit it will bring together law enforcement officials, community leaders, faith leaders from 60 countries to discuss the festering problem.
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the obama administration estimates that more than 3,000 westerners mostly europeans, have traveled to places like iraq and syria to join the fight against isis and they estimate that more than 100 americans have done so. this has been a pressing problem for the obama administration and for other western nations as they try to get to the root of the issue, and at the same time combat isis overseas. >> we will carry the president's remarks at 4:15. now, a major setback for obama administration and millions of immigrants hoping to avoid deportation through the president's executive action. department of homeland security will not take applications for the president's program starting today as originally planned. it says it will comply with temporary injunction issued by a federal judge in texas. speaking out from the oval office yesterday, president obama promised that the plan will still go forward. >> with respect to the ruling i
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disagree with it. i think the law is on our side and history is on our side and we are going to appeal it and we will be prepared to implement this fully as soon as the legal issues get resolved. >> experts say it could take weeks or even months for the appeal process to make it through the courts leaving 5 million immigrants in limbo. joining me raul reyes. thank you for your time. >> good morning. >> what are you hearing from those caught up in the loophole. >> the people at the center of the debate undocumented population impact is tremendous. yesterday was a day of great confusion. there was a lot of misinformation, a lot of anxiety, and we are talking about significant numbers of people. i believe something like 290,000 could be effected are effected by the first daca plan and this is a large group of people.
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when you talk about undocumented population, this is a group of people who tend to not trust the government, from experience of the home country because of corruption, and here because of fear of deportation. so this setback could undermine the program. even if the program goes forward, people will be intimidated or scared to come forward. >> to your point, erica was on with jose diaz-balart, a dreamer, immigration activist here is what she said regarding some of the fears. let's play that please. >> i think it is more of a strategy to get folks to be fearful about this to be confused. folks don't necessarily understand the legalities of this don't understand how the judicial system works. our organization got calls from folks around the country asking is this over am i going to be deported if i do apply, and after the lawsuit, after we win the lawsuit, it is a lot of fear that people are starting to feel.
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>> and raul this judge ruled out of texas says once the services are provided there will be no effective way of putting the toothpaste back in the tube should the plaintiffs ultimately prevail, you have the director of advocacy saying that judge ruled on procedural grounds, not that it was unconstitutional. >> that's an important distinction. the judge never got to the merits of the case. he didn't rule it unconstitutional, he found the government because they didn't allow a 90 day comment period, therefore he was putting a halt to it. but there's a lot of arguments on this decision on both sides but it is very clear to see it was politically motivated injunction not just because the plaintiffs shopped for a judge they knew was hostile to the obama administration immigration policies, not just because chris
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was involved in the drafting he uses words like invasion criminal aliens talks about amnesty a lot. in a judicial opinion, that's highly irregular. shows a lot of his perhaps personal opinions were bleeding into his legal opinion. >> as i mention, you're an attorney, how do you see it playing out in court. >> it is complicated. what's going to happen likely is department of justice will try for a stay from 5th circuit court of appeals. if they decide on the merits could take a few months and could resulted with the program back on and back off. we have to look at the timing of the case which has a lot of immigrant rights advocates very upset. this judge had the case quite some time. they expected a decision all through january. he waited until the day before the program was about to start, and not only that but yesterday in new orleans was mardi gras so 5th circuit court of appeals was closed so doj didn't even have a day to file emergency stay to prevent the injunction
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going forward. there's a lot of elements you can see that the judge had an agenda, and seems to be fulfilling it. ultimately i believe the obama administration is confident they're going to succeed, and they look at it not as defeat but just a delay. >> thank you very much. developing now, new details on the negotiations to end the labor dispute that's now tied up west coast ports for days. and it is impacting businesses across the country. plus this. >> we have the cameras, just wait. >> the st. louis police department being sued after a man claims he was kicked during an arrest just before an officer turned off the dash cam. it is one of the stories we are following around the "newsnation." and jeb bush says he's his own man as he is set to deliver a major speech on foreign policy and national security while trying to distinguish himself
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developing now, there could soon be a break in the gridlock in dozens of the nation's busiest ports. causing some american businesses to suffer. ceo of port of long beach tells cnbc he expects the dispute to be resolved soon. tom perez was at the negotiations. he will meet with them again today. cargo began moving slowly yesterday after a temporary shutdown over the long holiday weekend. more than 30 ships are still at sea waiting to unload. containers piled high on docks
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are filled with everything from household goods, auto parts, even food. a full shutdown could cost the u.s. economy $22 billion a day. >> in 40 years i have been doing this, most unusual and devastating problem we've had with export shipping. >> obviously disconcerting at a certain point will cost us sales. >> jane wells joins me live on the port of los angeles. jane i understand you have a new statement from the labor secretary on the negotiations. >> reporter: yes, we do tamron as he continues to meet with both sides. i want to show you this. this ship left china last month. it has been sitting here since february 9th. it can't even get to port. one there behind it left china also last month. it has been sitting there since february 12th. look at all of the cargo on the ship. by my count, 30 ships are outside the port just in l.a. and long beach, more up and down the coast. here is the problem as you say.
8:17 am
secretary perez says yesterday's talks were positive and productive apparently not productive enough. we are told both sides are close on pay. the sticking issue is demand by the union to be able to fire the arbitrator down here in l.a. and long beach. they say the arbitrator is appointed for life, dock workers sea he has treated them unfairly management says no way. how are companies dealing with this? usually 10% of goods from china go to the east coast. that's up to 30%. it costs twice as much to try to fly goods in. that can cost as much as 20 times more. that's why they're going to sit and wait it out here. we have to see what happens. even if it is all unclogged right away it will take a long time for this to work its way out. secretary perez is stressing that it is imperative parties come to immediate agreement to prevent further damage to our
8:18 am
economy, further pain for american workers and employers. tamron a trillion dollars' goods comes through here every year. >> even after it is resolved the backlog of what we see behind you will not be resolved overnight, and that will cost businesses money and obviously inconvenience people not to mention food that is rotting, sitting on some of the ships. >> reporter: basically when you talk about food let's talk about exports. there are no exports going on now. all the california citrus which is popular for chinese new year hello, this week isn't making it there. there are no ships leaving, these ships can't get in to unload. >> incredible story. we will follow the negotiations. thank you, jane. great live shot. turning to the relentless winter weather. look at the dramatic video of crews rescuing a teenage girl from a frozen bay.
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this is in new jersey. one of the many dangerous situations being caused by icy conditions in several states. more record cold temperatures on the way for major portions of the country from the upper midwest down to florida. on top of frigid weather forecast expecting more snow to move into new england. our meteorologist dominica davis joins us she's tracking the latest forecast. good to see you. >> good to see you. we are still talking snow and cold temperatures. these are really cold temperatures coming in. look at the radar, knoxville, tennessee getting in on snow showers. this will push off to the east. good news with this it is not dropping a lot of snow. we expect generally one to two inches. with cold temperatures it will freeze. some higher elevations could see upwards of six inches especially in the maine zone. boston is in that one to three inch range, which is certainly good. here is a look at wind chills. feels like minus 14 in chicago.
8:20 am
wind chill warnings in effect for much of the northern plains midwest, down into the ohio valley. wind chills will drop over the next 24 hours, could be between minus 25 and minus 40 in some cases. these are actual air temperatures we expect tomorrow morning. minus 9 in mississippi. minus 7 in chicago. kansas minus 1. that cold air starts to spread further south and east by friday morning and it is another day we could see record lows. we are looking at 0 for actual air temperature in new york in the morning. 4 in washington. then stays negative out through the midwest and the northern plains. temperatures do moderate for the weekend. guess what tamron another system we are talking about saturday and sunday. >> all right, thank you so much. coming up a surprising and new disturbing twist in the deadly road rage shooting of a las vegas mother.
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>> she did everything she possibly could to protect me. and i love her so much. >> what police now say the victim was doing moments before she was shot and killed. and developing now in west virginia, the wreckage of the derailed train still smoldering this hour nearly two full days after the accident. we will get the latest from that scene. back lash over new admissions policy at the university of massachusetts at amherst that bans iranian nationals from studying certain courses. it is our "newsnation" gut check. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. [ m'm... ] [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.® i will light up every room i walk into. olay presents the regenerist luminous collection. renews surface cells to even skin tone.
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12 hour strength of aleve. for pain relief that can last all the way until morning. new aleve pm, for a better am. denver international is one of the busiest airports in the country. we operate just like a city and that takes a lot of energy. we use natural gas throughout the airport - for heating the entire terminal generating electricity on-site and fueling hundreds of vehicles. we're very focused on reducing our environmental impact. and natural gas is a big part of that commitment. welcome back. 46 hours after an oil train derailment in west virginia, smoke is still coming from that wreckage. this morning there are serious new concerns about the environmental impact and the shipment of flammable materials across the country's aging rail
8:25 am
system. nbc news chief environmental affairs correspondent anne thompson reports from boomer west virginia. >> reporter: hi tamron. you can see behind me the crash site is still smoldering but we are not seeing any fires as we did earlier today, and that's a good thing because once this site cools down it will give investigators a chance to go in there and try to determine just what caused this horrific accident. the fireball that erupted happened even though the oil was carried on improved tankers. >> tankers designed to better withstand an accident. >> i think that calls into question how resilient, how tough these tank cars actually may be. >> reporter: even 24 hours after derailment the scene was still too hot for investigators to inspect. 19 of 109 cars still smoldering
8:26 am
more than 100 of those oil tankers. the train was carrying oil from north dakota to virginia. the government says that oil is more flammable than heavier crudes from california or canada. with limited pipelines out of north dakota more oil is being carried on rails. in 2009 more than 10,000 tanker cars carried oil. in 2013 the number jumped to 500,000. and we have seen arise in high profile accidents. last april, 30,000 gallons of oil went into the james river in lynchburg, virginia. december 2013 400,000 gallons spilled in castleton, north dakota. in july, 2013 47 people killed in quebec canada. a day after being told not to drink water for fear of contamination, some good news for residents. >> now with tests coming back all negative people get their water, get their lives back to
8:27 am
order. >> reporter: boil water order remains in effect for some 2,000 residents. as for the cause, csx says it is too early to speculate. there was a tremendous snowstorm going on when the train derailed. the other thing that csx points out is that three days before the accident the rails were inspected. tamron, back to you. >> anne thank you. the governor of west virginia confirming families are still displaced at this hour because of that accident. a-rod's handwritten apology, what he is telling fans about mistakes. one of the stories we are following around the "newsnation." and we are learning hillary clinton held a private meeting with senator elizabeth warren in december. new details that have come out, next in today's first read. i know i have a 786 fico score, thanks to all the tools and help on so how are we going to sweeten this deal? floor mats... clear coats... >>you're getting warmer... leather seats...
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policy speech in chicago. it will be bush's first major speech on national security since signaling intention to run in 2016. he is expected to criticize obama's global leadership but will seek to distinguish from two other presidents, his brother, his father. according to ex-ermts released by the political action committee, the former governor will say i love my father and my brother, but i am my own man and my views are shaped by my own thinking and own experiences. msnbc political correspondent kasie hunt will be at the event, joins us from chicago. as "the washington post" points out, jeb bush hired 22 people that worked for his father or brother to advise him on foreign policy, all while saying that he is his own man. >> hey, tamron. that's a little of the rub here right? he wants to send a message that you know what i stand on my own two feet i am not just another one in the line.
8:32 am
but on the other hand he is working with a group of people who populated his brother and father's administrations. of course it is a little tough. his brother was president for eight years. this is the bulk of republican policy thinking, most of the people that were working on foreign policy at the time in this level were working in the administration. it is a little hard to avoid. there are names like paul wolfowitz that will stick out to people. i think the question is if you think about this in broader context, if you expect that jeb bush were he to win the nomination would ultimately face hillary clinton, some of it is neutralized. she voted for the iraq war, drove her primary with now president barack obama, saying he was opposed to it. i think for bush that's potentially a setup that's been official. but in the primary he is going to come up against some opposition, if you think of how
8:33 am
rand paul will focus his campaign as somebody that doesn't want manager boots on the ground. >> to your point about what neutralizes here when he says that he's his own man, will he contrast his views against his brother's which obviously highly debated and criticized at this point even still as we look at the on-going events playing out in iraq and around the world. >> reporter: right. what's happening with isis now, it obviously put this in the spotlight. there will be questions about whether or not the ultimate root of this is chaos created in iraq because of the actions that his brother took when he was president. but i also think it is interesting that in his speeches framing this as his father and his brother together because they have very different foreign policy legacies both of them. in many ways george hw bush is viewed positively for seeing the end of the cold war after the reagan administration, seeing that through successfully
8:34 am
desert storm, very successfully executed operation in the middle east so i think that this is a way also for him to say you know what, even if you're going to compare me to my family i'm more than just invasion of iraq in 2003. >> kasie hunt in chicago for us thank you very much. and jeb bush is not the only 2016 hopeful making headlines this morning. "the new york times" reports that hillary clinton met privately with senator elizabeth warren at clinton's washington home back in december. clinton was reportedly seeking policy ideas and did not ask the senator to consider endorsing her unofficial presidential campaign. the times reports and msnbc confirms that senator rand paul is looking at april 7th as the date when he will announce his presidential intentions. that could make paul the first republican candidate to formally enter the race giving him a head start on raising money. joining me to talk about the headlines, nbc news senior political editor mark murray.
8:35 am
mark, what else is reported regarding this private meeting? >> tamron that they basically ended up sharing ideas. "the new york times" also reported earlier that hillary clinton had been getting economic ideas from about 200 different advisers and seems like elizabeth warren is one of these folks. and it is worth noting that hillary clinton seems to be courting warren under the old adage better to have folks inside your tent than doing things outside of that and one of the -- with a couple of exceptions, the democrats have had success having a unified party, from people from bernie sanders on the very left to joe manchin on the right spectrum of the democratic party, and hillary clinton, whether or not her success can hinge on can that democratic coalition continue to hold together.
8:36 am
>> and also the report regarding rand paul according to "the new york times," at this point only his family's doubts could change his mind at this point. >> looks like he has been running the past couple years. certainly now we have a date april 7th when he is making intentions known. i think we have a pretty good idea that it will end up being a yes. the discussion on muscular foreign policy sounding like his brother, george w. rand paul is interesting, he would be one character that breaks away from foreign hawkishness, more libertarian, against intervention. a fascinating debait. >> sure will. see you tomorrow. this is after eddie ray routh's mother begged the va hospital not to release him in days before he killed chris kyle and
8:37 am
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deliver optimal nutrient absorption. [whistle] purina pro plan. nutrition that performs. welcome back. it is the first full day of testimony for the defense in the trial of the man accused of murdering "american sniper" chris kyle. eddie ray routh's mother was the first witness after the prosecution rested yesterday. she told the jury her son, a former marine was never the same after he served in iraq and in haiti after the earthquake. she testified eddie ray was suicidal diagnosed with ptsd was prescribed nine medications, including anti-psychotics. she begged the va hospital not to release him in the final visit two years ago, but doctors did. eight days later, he shot kyle
8:41 am
and his friend chad littlefield. the jury saw video of routh in a parked patrol car after his arrest seen lying down squirming. when an officer asks if he is okay he says he is nervous what is going to happen to him. i have been so paranoid and schizophrenic all day, i don't know what to think of the world now, i don't know if i am insane or sane. lisa green joins me. you pointed out in the past he can't diagnose himself. >> you can't diagnose himself, when you say in a patrol car, i don't know if i am paranoid or schizophrenic, there's something a little neat about that diagnosis. a cynic may say he is laying foundation for insanity defense. that said powerful testimony from his mother of a condition that seemed to occur when he returned from service, hospital stays, those are powerful medications, and he had an array of them to take every day.
8:42 am
begging va hospital to keep him with nowhere else to turn, she turns to kyle for help with tragic consequences, so sad. >> how does the prosecution handle that. to your point, we talked that his medical history would be key here. he was diagnosed with ptsd. he was taking nine medications. >> serious meds yeah. >> his mother along with other family members talk about this change after his tour in iraq and after he helped with the efforts in haiti. but i think again the headline that he went to the va hospital his mother begged for him to be kept there, he was released and eight days later carried out this. >> you and i can agree this was a man, is a man with an incredibly troubled health history. the prosecution will remind the jurors that all that matters is what was going on in his mind when he fired the fatal shots, if he understood at the time that what he was doing was wrong, all the rest is
8:43 am
commentary and deserves to be convicted. >> they talk about the particular medications and how that might impair the ability to make decision? >> it could impair the ability. if he takes them might impair if he doesn't take them. i don't know if he was compliant. we will hear in incredible details. the defense has a high barrier to making the case for acquittal on grounds of insanity. >> we will follow this. again, powerful testimony from eddie ray routh's mother. we will hear much more through the day. thank you, lisa. turning to another high profile murder case. jurors in aaron hernandez trial are hearing more testimony from officers who investigated the death of odin lloyd. earlier this morning, the lead detective, michael elliott, described how officers found a shell casing with blue bubble gum, which he says they used to link hernandez to lloyd's murder. while on the stand yesterday, detective elliott discussed
8:44 am
surveillance video shot of hernandez outside the police station the day after lloyd's death. the video shown to the jury allegedly shows hernandez dismantling his cell phone and using a second phone to make a call hours later after odin lloyd lloyd's body was found. they say he used the phone to call his accomplice earnest wallace. defense argue he was simply taking the phone battery out. the st. louis police department is being sued by a man after the dash cam was turned off during his arrest. that tops our look at stories around the "newsnation" today. cortez bufrt says he was the victim of excessive force after he was pulled over in april. police say cortez would not get out of the car. dash cam shows him being pulled out and being kicked by officers. at one point an officer is heard talking to other officers about the dash camera. >> hold up if you are worried about cameras, just wait.
8:45 am
>> ten seconds later, the video stops. a city representative says the officer that turned off the camera violated police policy and has been disciplined. the charges against bufrd were dropped. and disgraced player alex rodriguez is apologizing. he says he takes full responsibility for his mistakes that led to suspension. added i served the longest suspension in the league for ped use. the commission said the matter is over. i will do everything i can to be the best player and teammate, earn a spot on the yankees, and help us win. and prestigious university carnegie mellon is telling hundreds of people sorry, you didn't get in after all. they sent about 800 acceptance e-mails by mistake. several hours later, it sent out a follow-up e-mail to reject the students, saying they were incorrectly flagged as being admitted. one student described it as
8:46 am
brutal. now to a strange twist involving a road rage attack that left a las vegas mother dead, police now say she went looking for the suspect before she was killed. here is nbc's joe fryer. >> reporter: at a candlelight vigil, tammy meyers is remembered by her children the mother of four killed last week in a road rage attack. >> i miss my mom a lot. i think about her all the time. she didn't deserve this. >> she did everything she possibly could to protect me. and i love her so much. >> reporter: las vegas police are releasing new information about that night, based on conversations with meyers' family. it was around 11:00 p.m. they say meyers was behind the wheel, giving driving lessons to her 15-year-old daughter. the suspect, a silver sedan, rapidly approached. her daughter reached over honking the horn. then the suspect pulled in front of them and stopped. >> that suspect approached mrs. meyers' car with her daughter in it, and words that were said by the suspect.
8:47 am
it frightened mrs. meyers and her daughter. >> reporter: police say meyers raced home dropping off her daughter and picking up her 22-year-old son with a gun. >> they left the house in search of that person that mrs. meyers was involved in an incident with. >> reporter: police say meyers and her son found the other car, following it at one point before breaking away driving home. they parked in their cul-de-sac then the suspect vehicle came down their street. >> there was a volley of rounds that were fired from that vehicle. her 22-year-old son was also armed. he returned fire. >> i did what i had to do to protect my family. everyone can think what they have to think. i did it for a reason. and i'd do it for anyone i love. >> reporter: meyers was hit by the suspect, police say. she died two days later on valentine's day. >> i would never say anyone went looking for trouble, unfortunately i can't ask tammy what was in her mind at the time of her actions. what i can say is this at this
8:48 am
point tammy is a victim. >> reporter: this morning, the suspect or suspects have yet to be identified or caught. joe fryer, nbc news. up next, our "newsnation" gut check. >> that is 100% not okay. >> i just think it is discriminating. >> the growing backlash over a new admissions policy at university of massachusetts amherst. it bans iranian nationals from studying certain courses. the school says it is following the law. we will tell you what the courses are and we will ask you if it is fair to the students. and the question is that scene, biden being biden as some described it. the vp raising eyebrows while swearing in the new defense secretary. one of the things we thought you should know.
8:49 am
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there is a lot going on this
8:52 am
morning. naps i-pelosi is in cuba since president obama announced the first steps toward normalizing relations. she's said to take part in a news conference tomorrow. a texas judge ruled same-sex ban on marriage is unconstitutional but it's unclear how the ruling will affect the law approved by voters in 2005. the case was involving a woman who wanted an eight-year union with her partner who died of cancer recognized as common law marriage. an vice president joe biden, as carter was called carter he whispered in her ear and the gesture sponsored media saying he was a little too close. some thought he was being nice.
8:53 am
i don't know. >> those are the things we thought you should know this morning. time now for the news nation gut check. there's growing backlash over a new policy at the university of massachusetts at amherst. iranian nationals are being banned from studying certain sciences and courses there. pete williams joins us live with details. the university says it's following the law here. >> reporter: that's right the university says it's a relatively recent federal law that has led to the change in its admission policy. the school is no longer admitting students from iran for some graduate science and engineering programs. >> it is 100% not okay. it's basically racism. >> reporter: the university says it's following a 2012 federal law that blocks iranian nationals from getting a visa to study in the u.s. if they juan to work in the nuclear or energy fields. part of sanctions to prevent
8:54 am
iran from developing a nuclear weapon. >> they're prejudging the people that want to study science and assuming they're going to use it for something negative and that's not okay. it's limiting. >> reporter: opponents are making their views known on a facebook page with more than 3,000 followers. the university is standing by its decision saying in a statement "we recognize that our adherence to federal law may create difficulties for our students from iran and regard this as unfortunate. we have no choice but to institute policies and procedures to ensure we're in full compliance with all applicable laws." while the university cites a u.s. visa policy a state department official tells nbc news "u.s. law does not prohibit iranian nationals coming into the united states. each application is reviewed case by case. we'll reach out to u mass. amherst to discuss this specific decision." a former student says iranians on campus feel marginalized. "we always felt like an integral
8:55 am
part of the university community. now we're just kind of confused." >> i think it's discriminating and takes away their opportunities. >> reporter: the university says it knows of other schools that have a similar policy. it says the only difference here is u mass. amherst decided to make its public and two other graduate programs we found around the country who have a similar policy. though the state department is pushing back at the university what the schools say is that if they admit these students to the program and the students travel the government won't let them back in. >> pete williams thank you very much. what does your gut tell you? do you think u mass. amherst should back down from its policy banning iranian nationals from taking certain engineering and science programs? go to to cast the vote and look at what the news nation is saying about yesterday's gut check, as the threat posed by isis spreads and the battle to defeat the group
8:56 am
expense sbens fiz, do you support deploying american ground forces against isis? 42% of you said yes, 58% of you said no. that does it for this edition of "news nation." i'm tamron hall. tomorrow on "news nation" actor chad coleman will join me live and talk about an upcoming project he has for the people of ferguson and also talk to you about "walking dead" and what happened to his character. i don't want to be accused of a spoiler alert there. andrea mitchell is up next. it's time for the "your business"ent entrepreneur of the week. chip found success by thinking small, allowing customers to place as many small printing orders as they like and actively pursuing more business-to-business relationships. for more watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc.
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right now on "an dree in a mitchell reports" new waves of attacks, isis regroups and takes on kurdish fighters. a battle field reality check for the president and his terrorism summit today. it's your grandfather's terrorist organization, is al
9:00 am
qaeda. isis is terrorism 2.0 or 3.0. they've left al qaeda in the dust. his own man, jeb bush previews a likely presidential bid with his first foreign policy speech today, preparing to challenge lnthillary clinton's track record. will it be overshadowed by his father and brother's? should rail cars be crisscrossing the country with highly flammable oil? deep dive. historically cold temperatures. boston besieged with more snow today. the mayor says don't try this at home. [ bleep ]. >> this is [ bleep ] legend. >> i'm going back! i'm going back!


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